And the winner is Mr. Geller !!

Friends TV show !!

Friends forever !!

Something really world-changing happened almost 18 years ago on September 22, 1994. A show was born that would redefine TV entertainment forever. Yes I am talking about the popular TV series, Friends, that has entertained people worldwide ever since its inception. So much so that even after finishing its last season almost a decade ago, it is still one of the most popular TV series. I personally know so many die-hard fans who have watched it zillion times and can easily narrate the dialogues of each episode. Even now in our daily conversations we see random references of some Friends jokes, which cracks up everyone. And believe me, Friends would stay in the hearts of its fans for a long long time !!

One of the most talked about and controversial things that generally engulfs any discussion related to Friends is : Who do you think was the best character on the show? It is an extremely difficult task to pinpoint the best character in the show, , to say the least. This is because all the characters were so perfectly conceived and each amazed us with their supreme acting skills and comic touches. But for the sake of discussion and at the risk of being shouted at by my friends, lets carefully tread this path of choosing the best character in the TV series Friends.

The popular opinion has always been that Chandler Bing is the best character. Well, his sense of humor and his wise cracks is surely unmatched among all the characters and no wonder he is considered to be the most popular character in many online polls  . Many also consider Rachel Green to be the best and this clearly reflects in the number of nominations she received for her breakthrough role, much higher than any other Friends character. She also had a cultural impact as a style icon and there was a time when every woman in America wanted to have her hairstyle. Well, I have a slightly different opinion. At the grave risk of being considered male chauvinist, I think that the male actors did a much better job in entertaining the audience as compared to the female actors in the show. This by no means implies that the female actors were not good performers, but they were the worst among the best. Let’s dig into this further.

In my humble opinion, the apt ranking for the characters in Friends TV series is : Ross > Chandler >> Joey >= Phoebe >  Rachel > Monica. I know this ranking pretty much reshuffles the popular ranking of  Friends TV series characters. Yes , that’s right. I think Ross Geller was the best character in Friends. Ross’s character had a lot of shades to it, ranging from insanely humorous, awkward geekiness to some very emotional scenes. He was the pivot around which most of the characters revolved; be it his sister Monica, his best friend Chandler or his love interest Rachel. And his expressions, they are just priceless. I have lost count of how many times I have rolled over with laughter holding my stomach over his funny expressions. No wonder there is a Facebook page dedicated only for Ross Geller’s expressions. He had an uncanny habit of somehow landing up in a situation where became the center of the joke or ended up in a very embarrassing situation. But what made his character more interesting was the emotional rollercoaster ride that he had during his relationship with Rachel. That, I think is something, which gives him the edge over the other male characters in the show. One can argue that even Chandler also had his emotional moments, especially towards the end of the series, but I found Ross’s emotional scenes more believable and moving. Thanks Ross Geller for the non-stop entertainment and the crazy laughter moments that you provided us all these years and still do !!

To wrap it up, here are some my best Ross moments. Hope the readers like it too. Long live the Friends !!
1) Unagi
2) Ross and Phoebe discuss evolution
3) Leather pants
4) Ross tries to kiss his cousin
5) I like big butts
6) Ross and Rachel kiss


  1. Very true. Its an evergreen show that has been made till date.

    “Even now in our daily conversations we see random references of some Friends jokes, which cracks up everyone”

    I can relate to one :p

  2. I completely agree with you!! When I started watching friends my favorite character was Chandler and It was mainly because I always liked witty smart guys. The second time I had watched Friends I thought Ross was extremely hot. When I watched friends over and over again and observed each characters comic timings I came to the conclusion that ROSS GELLAR was the most talented of all. His comic timing was brilliant. Ross’s expression was unbeatable by any other character, his voice modulation was awsome.
    Chandler : Chandler comic was mostly witty statements and outsmarting others by his one liners. I am not saying he wasn’t talented but others had more acting skills to show during the show. He was my favorite for very very long time till I started observing others minutely.
    Joey: Extremely good looking character and great comic acting. They had shown him the dumbest of all and that makes us laugh but he has always brought laugh to our faces with his presence in his scenes. He has also done amazing serious acting when he falls in love with Rachael or When he consoles Chandler. The ‘rossita dies’ episode where he had delivered a serious line with funniest smiling face ever : ” My faith is crushed, let the new chair get me through this difficult time of my life”.
    Phoebe : Oh my God. She actually is the most manipulative character in the most funniest way. she is the most weird and kiddish on the show. she looked so pretty in the initial seasons but looked very old in the later ones. Her dressing was awful. She has made me laugh more than joey at times. she had hit on Joey, Chandler and even Ross in the show. Her character never felt like trying too hard to make audience laugh, her being weird was enough. Infact Joey’s character sometimes did the obvious to make audience laugh. She was shown the girl with most male attention and strangely whoever she dated fell in love with her.
    Rachel : I never liked her initially because I paid attention to her character than her acting skills,Now I feel she was the most talented in her comic timing after Ross. She has given the best comic acting among all characters despite of her amazing looks. a.she assists a man to shop for clothes and later seduces at her party b.she takes photograph of her assistant c. the way she responds to joey after he tells that he loves her.
    Monica : I never found her too funny. I found her being too motherly for all characters. Her character was a regular stereotype funny which we see in today’s comedy as well. Her best scenes are always with some one else like her fights with ross,rachael or phoebe. her fat old days scenes were better.The only thing I liked in her was she love for chandler was convincing.

    My rating Ross>Rachael>Joey>Chandler>Phoebe>Monica

    • I would put them in this order. Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel and Monica. The comedic talent of the first three was exceptional. The first four-Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey were excellent, natural actors. Rachel had the most sex appeal and Monica was very pretty.

  3. Rachel Phoebe and Chandler are sll amazing but my favourite must be Rachel..girrl power. I liked ross the most before but then he lets ALL girls drive him around, he is constantly jelaous of Rachel when he says he is over her. Joey is amazing and was my favourite but he is not that intresting.
    And im not a huge fan of Monica. But Rachel Phoebe and chandler are AMAZING.❤️❤️ I love Rachel but my vote is for chandler..!! I love him

  4. They were all superb in their own way, I thought Lisa Kurdow as Phoebe was the most beautiful woman ever on television, she was zanny and a riot of laughs in her role and I enjoyed her the most. David Schimmer as Ross was a complex character and he played a very difficult part , I think he was the most ‘skilled’ or the actors, but his personality type I wore out on at times, but he was over all great and displayed true genuis. I never watched an episode of ‘Friends’ till one month ago on Netflix, I have now watched the 236 episodes twice thru, it was a phenomenal show. What was obvious right off was that all of the actors were having a great time in their roles and that they all had a high regaard and respect for each other. The love story between Chandler and Monica was one of the best ever on TV and the agony that Ross and Rachael went through is something that many folks have experienced and can relate too. It was heart warming to see Phobe finally find true love and stability, and in the end hopeful for Ross and Rachael. The series would be far from complete without Joey, he enabled everyone to laugh at them selves and provided much of the needed comedy relief so more series feelings could be released and the viewers could move on. It was brilliant and I will, like many, continue to watch it from time to time.

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